GM(N)O: Genetically Modified Food Affects Us How?

By Sydne Kilberg on October 22, 2015

All of you care about your bodies, correct? Not even speaking in matters of vanity, but actual health. In an age of a booming population worldwide, we have been forced to find means to nourish all. The solution through genetically modified organisms- or GMOs, has been highly recognized as a way to feed the hungry masses.

While these scientifically designed foods may protest to be a great idea to end hunger, it is so early in research that this lab-baby being served to millions may indeed be inclusive of some risky chemicals harmful to our bodies. Controlled by corporations, bad news is beginning to surface, and the lies coming forth are difficult to detect. Is this really the best option when attempting to “resolve” hunger.

What is this GMO?

A GMO is defined by international bestselling author and GMO expert Jeffrey Smith, as “The lab process where genes from the DNA of one species are extracted and artificially forced into the genes of an unrelated plant or animal.” These may be extracted from viruses, bacteria, insects, or even animals or humans. Live organisms such as ourselves contain natural defenses against the entry of DNA from foreign species so the DNA must be forced inside.

This process first began its involvement in the food industry in the mid-90s. The leading producer of these foods goes by the name Monsanto. It is a giant agricultural corporation in the business of providing these GMO seeds to the masses of farmers globally.

These seeds are so well received, and go by the name of “Terminator Seeds”, because of their endurance to pesticides and herbicides; however these indestructible seeds have been increasingly showing signs of destruction to our bodies. This mega-corporation is a monster to fight after the signing of the Monsanto Protection Act by president Obama protecting “Monsanto from being sued for health damages caused by the use of their genetically modified crops. Additionally, if health damages were discovered by the use of GMO foods, then the United States government would not be able to ban them from consumption.” This monopoly is not only hurting people, but independent farmers and businesses everywhere.


Don’t get me wrong, the idea of feeding millions is awesome, but is there more harm than help being done?

Benefits are numerous with these seeds and foods. A rise in numbers of humans populating this earth is not easy to deal with, leaving underdeveloped regions of third-world countries in a state of starvation, mal or undernourishment, with someone dying every 3.6 seconds.

So the average ethical human would agree that a technical advance benefiting societies everywhere would be a great idea, and GMOs do have their benefits:

- Resistance to weeds, pests, and other diseases

- Bigger yields

- Better texture, flavor, and nutrition

These seeds also make up for the 135 million metric tons of corn and soy beans consumed by livestock every year. Both grains in the U.S. is responsible for feeding both humans, animals, and the animals that feed humans.

The vast numbers sounded nice to me as well until I watched the movie Food Inc., where I saw that 2 days after a cow was switched back to its natural grass-diet rather than the GMO corn; over 80% of the E. coli was removed from its system. That same E. coli strain is what kills many all over with the seemingly harmless act of eating a hamburger. These staple crops can be dangerous not only through solely direct consumption but also through secondary means.

The Affected:

-          Soy

-          Cotton

-          Canola

-          Aspartame

-          Papaya

-          Dairy

-          Sugar

-          Beets

-          Corn

-          Zucchini

-          Yellow squash

Monsanto’s capitalist monopoly makes it extremely difficult for the aforementioned to remain unmodified.

But why should you care?

Jeffrey Smith again informs us that, “Genetically modified foods have been linked to toxic and allergic reactions, sick, sterile and dead livestock, and damage to virtually every organ studied in lab animals.”

The pesticides don’t even need to be sprayed onto plants, as they are already located inside-making the plants themselves toxic. Farmers allowing their livestock to graze on these plants have seen thousands of the animals die! The pollen of these GMOs all have the ability to spread their poison to nearby crops, creating detrimental effects to the environment as cross-pollination occurs.

*Monsanto has been known to sue farmers for allegedly copying GM strains when really their seeds were doing the exact process just described.

Diseases linked to GMOs:

-          Autism

-          Gastrointestinal diseases

-          Cardiovascular issues

-          Cancers

-          Alzheimer’s

-          Multiple Sclerosis

These are just a few, tempting, no? Personally I will take as many precautions as possible to keep this out of my body.

Look out for:

All items labeled “organic” are in the clear, but two things with this label: make sure that is says 100%, if not the item may contain up to 30% of GMOs. If there is no label whatsoever, the mighty Monsanto, despite many trials, has the right to not label their foods GMO. Make sure beef is 100% grass-fed, shop locally, and try and buy as many whole foods rather than processed as possible.

Bye Felicia!!!

Countries that have completely banned involvement with GMO’s altogether including:

-          Japan

-          Areas of Australia

-          New Zealand

-          Germany

-          Ireland

-          Switzerland

Again, just a few. Detrimental effects to our insides are not the only result appearing. For example, the Indian government decided to place a last-minute GM ban after “being encouraged to plant Monsanto’s GM cotton, an estimated 125,000 farmer’s committed suicide because of crop failures and massive debt since planting seeds.”

This “solution” is a huge threat to society as a whole. Don’t abide by the man. Protect your body, protect your health.

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